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Showcasing a sound that harkens back to a more intense, impenetrable Aphex Twin without sounding nostalgic or redundant, Collapse EP is yet another brilliant addition to the insanely large RDJ discography with a sound all its own. The 11 track soil is almost uncomfortably intimate, with absolutely gorgeous vocal performances over spacious production, all held together by gospel inspired melodies that give the 40 minutes you spend with this record a pathway straight to your heart.

Ben Hegy Mark Renner- few traces [rvng intl. Sean Rowader 1. Danky Muniz is full of lightning fast hooks, guttural scripture and party vibes. Easily my number one! Should I keep going?

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Amidst the acrobatic vocals of Jess Joy and the fluttering guitar work of Andrew Martin, Mixed Media on Woman is intoxicating and refreshing. Tsuzing splashes industrial darkness across meditative beats with a razor-sharp precision. NYPD officers frantically stopped subway travellers from dancing on the edge of the platform. Highly recommended to those who enjoy the strange and weird. That is all. Nicolette Meyer Favorites of in no particular order except for 1: Fucked Up — Dose Your Dreams Janelle Monae — Dirty Computer Dead Can Dance — Dionysus Ectomorph — Stalker Robyn — Honey Author and Punisher — Beastland 9.

The Carters — Everything Is Love 8. Blood Orange — Negro Swan 7. Makayla McCraven — Universal Beings 6. DJ Koze — Knock Knock 5. Cult Leader — A Patient Man 4. Sleep — Sciences 3. Fielded — Drip Drip 1. Rosalia — El Mar Querer. Nine Inch Nails — Bad Witch.

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Nice Little EP from Trent. Idles — Joy as an Act of Resistance. A for effort, C for Execution. Robyn — Honey. Solid Addition to her catalog. No Future. No Sun. Cosmic Hip Hop instrumentals with a spiritual vibe. Platformer side is full of mystical yet danceable grooves, deep sub bass, and dreamy soundscapes.

In typical Hassell style, this one is a blend of jazz, ambient, and electronic elements. Styles span from traditional to free jazz, and everything in between. I am not good at talking about music, but this band is very good at playing music, so just go listen to it and enjoy yourself. The Beths toured with Peach Kelli Pop earlier this year, which should give you an idea of what they sound like.

Not as sugary sweet as PKP, but with plenty of pop hooks that will be in your head for days. This is their debut album, so we can be excited for much more in the future. If someone wanted me to give them just one example of the most unique, hard-working, and experimental music in Chicago, this would be it. I never know what to expect when I go to a Fire-Toolz show.

Sometimes I feel like my face is being melted off, and other times I find myself lulled into a peaceful, but glitched-out dream state. This one is pretty ambient and smooth, but get yourself into a basement with Fire-Toolz some night if you want the full experience. A great evolution from their first album 4 years ago, Virtue goes in a million directions at once, and they all pretty much work. Middle Eastern vocal influences, but sent into hyperdrive with auto-tune effects and lurching guitars.

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I still listen to this band even though my girlfriend has a crush on Julian Casablancas. Shannon Shaw has never disappointed me, which is more than I can say for most things in life. Did you see these guys on Halloween at Thalia Hall? So good.

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This band is so much fun! Just some kids who love classic rock riffs and playing ding dong ditch. Oh, Mandy. Yob — Our Raw Heart Relapse. Powerful doom metal that swallows you up like a giant wave. This album has a terrifying beauty that gives one the feeling of listening in on some unknown religious ritual. Fucked Up is a band that continues to mystify me. How can a hardcore punk band sound like this?

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Can you even call this hardcore at all any more? How can they cram so many opposing styles and ideas into one record and have it sound this GOOD? This album is painfully emotional, yet strong and stoic in a way that only she can be. We should feel lucky that this album exists.

I was late to the game on Idles, but I am so glad I got on board when I did. Surfbort — Friendship Music Cult. These guys look like they could be the house band in a John Waters movie about some dirty, yet kind-hearted punks who like to sniff glue and ride dirtbikes. Manic punk rock with some very poppy hooks. Spin this and freak out, man! Andrew W. Originally recorded in , this year found Will Toledo re-recording the entire record and releasing it on Matador.

This is an album that you just have to listen to all the way through.

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Gives me the shivers. Favorite track: Guilty. Favorite track: Hippodrome 9 minutes of pure bliss. Hyper-digital sounds that build and collapse in often funky rhythmic ways. Exhibitionist — Smoke Signals Reserve Matinee Haunting broken-record-sounding loops that effectively lure me into a trance. Big on atmosphere and partially recorded at the Green Mill! Favorite track: The Big Stir. They take the glossy club sound, fracture it and make it metal. Favorite track: AS Too Wrong incredible video!

Dj Fett Burger will always have my attention.

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Favorite track: Men. Foodman — Aru Otoko No Densetsu Sun Ark Abstract and playful, Foodman continues to push his sound to the far reaches of the mind with cartoonesque characters and deep synth tones. Favorite track: Sauna.

birth records bruce e kiddo Birth records bruce e kiddo
birth records bruce e kiddo Birth records bruce e kiddo
birth records bruce e kiddo Birth records bruce e kiddo
birth records bruce e kiddo Birth records bruce e kiddo
birth records bruce e kiddo Birth records bruce e kiddo
birth records bruce e kiddo Birth records bruce e kiddo

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