Multiple background checks mistaken identity

Basics of Background Checks

Truant discovered that he was being mistaken for a man living in Pennsylvania who had the same birthday and the same first and last name. Although the poster himself had never committed a crime, his name double had. Luckily he managed to resolve this issue by disputing with the third-party company that conducted the background check.

The poster managed to reach the court that had booked the offender and got documentation to show that his criminal twin had a different middle name and Social Security Number. The background check company fixed this record and the poster got the job after all. But the next time he applied for an apartment, his application was denied for the same reason! Although he explained the situation to the leasing company and they ran his name with more information, it didn't help, because many records simply didn't include his or his name double's middle names. After disputing the problem with the background check company, it took 24 days for the matter to be resolved.

In the end, the company only removed about half of the criminal reports off his record, so he was denied the apartment again. The company said they'd remove the rest of the records if he went to court to get proof of his innocence — but the courts wouldn't play ball. With only a month until his moving out date, Mr. Truant turned to his reddit peers for help. One redditor shared their own brother's problem. The perfectly respectable brother works in the government, but he shares his name with another man who keeps getting arrested and even appears in the paper for his crimes!

What information is included in a background report?

Every time this happens, this law-abiding government worker has to deal with a barrage of calls from both friends and creditors. Another woman had to endure the suspension of her driver's license because of multiple traffic violations associated with her name, all thanks to a man with whom she shares the same unisex name and birthday. And then there's the horrific story of the man who was mistaken for a kidnapper. The company he was interviewing for did a simple Google search on him and results yielded articles on a man — his namesake, obviously — who kidnapped a girl in Arkansas and was last seen in the same state where he was from!

Doing their misinformed but well-intentioned public duty, called the cops and led them to this poor man's house. Thankfully, he offered the cops a quick Google search and found the criminal suspect's photo. When this poor man asked the company if he could reapply, he was told that they weren't interested because of "security issues.

And so in the U.

Background Checks

Unfortunately, with 12 million arrests every year in the U. The most fool-proof way to fight this problem is to legally change names.

Australian National Police Checks

But it's also not the easiest, most convenient, or the cheapest solution. The impact of a name change on your professional relationships and connections is a primary consideration. If you've already established a career or a professional practice with your name, rebuilding these connections and relationships under a new name can be a real struggle. Changing to a new name also means dealing with the paperwork to change the names in old public records and documents for consistency. Truant reasoned that a name change doesn't easily make the problem go away. Truant's solution, was to go back to the third-party search company and get all the records removed, no matter how long it took.

A quick talk with an attorney-general yielded a practical solution: to make sure his fixed records were stored on a cloud somewhere so he could easily pull them up as needed. Because the other person would continue to share his name, the background pings would continue.

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In one instance, a man was denied a job after the potential employer discovered a rape on his criminal check. This turned out to be a case of mistaken identity, which was made obvious by the applicant being only four years old in Many others have not been so lucky because of a lack of regulation on the industry. Higher profit margins are sought by agencies who outsource the collection of information.

False positive name matches are common, information is routinely unverified, and databases are often not updated to give example of some problem areas. Until the relevant agencies enact controls over the industry, a process that has started in a few states, the only protections you have are verifying information on personal checks and your credit report. Employers should be aware that mistakes are common with some agencies and information should be cross-verified with applications before making a decision.

Healthcare is increasingly going digital, which opens it up to security breaches. Find out what this could mean for you.

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As you browse online, you may be leaving a digital trail that companies can use to find out more about you. Learn how to clean up your trail and browse clean. As technology develops, it's important you know how you can ensure your DNA isn't be accessed and analyzed without your knowledge and consent. Here's a brief guide to many of the newer and upcoming laws regarding privacy in the United States. Some say may have been the year the password broke. With password leaks and dumps becoming common occurrences, our lives are simply becoming too easy to hack.

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Why background checks are more important than ever

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multiple background checks mistaken identity Multiple background checks mistaken identity
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