How many athletes have criminal records

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But the NCAA's higher-ups are vastly out of touch with what it's like to be seventeen and in the situations many of these kids find themselves in. As much as I hate to agree with Rick Neuheisel, people make mistakes. But this information should merely provide background on which to decide whether an athlete with a troubled past is worth taking a risk on.

Scores of College Athletes Who Faced Felony Charges Get Second Chance

To be fair, certain business and PR pressures help cause the alarmist reaction we hear. SI and CBS devoted six months and hundreds of thousands of dollars to the study. After all, the Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that over 3 percent of the U. Running back Jonathan Dwyer pleaded guilty in January to charges of disorderly conduct. Dwyer pleaded not guilty to the charges.


The lesser charges brought with it a sentence of 18 months probation and community service. He never played in the NFL again. The longtime Dallas Cowboy was arrested in on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge in Texas when he pushed his mother, Angela, during an argument with his half brother.

J.R. Smith

The charge was dropped after he maintained a clean record for one year. In February , Walden reached a deferred judgment agreement to resolve a disorderly conduct-domestic abuse charge without pleading guilty.

Canadian Sport Helpline

Walden spent Thanksgiving weekend in jail after a dispute with his girlfriend and also agreed to perform 50 hours of community service and continue counseling. He last played in for the Tennessee Titans.

25 Celebrities With Insane Criminal Records That May Shock You

Santonio Holmes in June of was charged with assaulting a woman, who told police the father of her child had assaulted her. While officers were making their report at the apartment, Holmes returned and was arrested without incident. In December of that year, the judge dismissed misdemeanor charges of domestic violence and assault after being assured by Holmes' two lawyers that their client was participating in ongoing counseling offered through the NFL.

Ray McDonald 91 , has been involved in a series of incidents, beginning in May and continuing into the following year. In December , the 49ers cut McDonald just hours after he was named as a suspect in another sexual assault investigation. On May 25, , McDonald was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and possible child endangerment, and two days later arrested again for violating a restraining order.

NBA Crime Library | Complete database of all NBA arrests

Eventually the charges were dropped and McDonald joined the Chicago Bears, but he hasn't played in a regular season game since then. His ex-fiancee spoke out about the incident in December Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington, right, pleaded guilty in March to aggravated assault in a domestic violence incident that took place the year before that left his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child with a fractured collarbone. Combined with a substance-abuse violation, he would be suspended from the NFL for three years before being reinstated in April The Arizona Cardinals would cut him the following month.

In August , defensive end Kevin Williams was charged with fifth-degree domestic assault after his wife called When officers arrived at Williams' house, his wife had two injuries to her left arm as well as blood on her T-shirt and claimed Williams assaulted her for not wearing her wedding ring.

According to accounts, police noticed that Kevin was drunk and "not fully aware or really caring about what was going on. The NFL did not suspend him.

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He would play another 10 seasons, his last one in with the Saints. Brandon Marshall was named in at least eight separate incidents of violence against women between and But none of those incidents led to a criminal conviction several didn't result in any charges filed , and the NFL suspended him only once, for one game. Charged in with aggravated assaulted after beating up a fellow student at Tennessee during a pick-up basketball game, Tony McDaniel four years later was arrested on the charge of domestic battery against his girlfriend.

The charges were later reduced to disorderly contact, a misdemeanor.

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  • He pleaded no contest, was sentenced to six months probation, and was required to attend counseling. The NFL would suspect hi for one game, without pay, as punishment. He has played for six NFL teams, including two stints with two of them, and was a member of the New Orleans Saints until being released in February of this year.

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