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If you filed your return using software such as TurboTax, the software company will notify you about the receipt of your return. If you had a tax practitioner file your return electronically, the practitioner should notify you about whether your return was accepted for filing. Paper Returns: Paper returns and payments are not logged in as they are received.

Division personnel cannot verify receipt of your return until the return or payment appears in our computer system. Have the New Jersey Income Tax rates changed this year? No, the New Jersey Income Tax rates have not changed for For more information see the following:. The representative must provide a Form MR , Appointment of Taxpayer Representative, that covers the requested return s.

Payment for that month must be made with the next quarterly return, Form ST Today is the due date. What should I do so that my payment is not late? When you file online or by phone and make your payment by electronic check e-check , the earliest settlement date date the payment will be debited from your account you can select is the next business day. No matter which payment method you select, if your payment transaction is initiated by p. What is the New Jersey Sales Tax rate?

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However, there are exceptions to this statewide rate. In addition, local sales taxes are imposed on sales of certain items sold in Atlantic City and Cape May County. Are shipping and handling subject to Sales Tax? Effective October 1, , the law provided for a new definition of "delivery charges.

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As of October 1, , the exemption for delivery charges imposed by the seller was repealed for taxable goods and services. For deliveries, if a shipment includes both taxable and exempt property, the seller should allocate the delivery charge based on either the total sales price or the total weight, and collect tax on the portion of the delivery charge allocated to the taxable goods.

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  • In such mixed transactions, if the seller does not allocate the delivery charge, the entire delivery charge is taxable. If the due date for your payment is imminent, you may need to select another payment method until your bank information is updated.

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    View information on electronic payment options. I need my PIN to file my business tax return. How can I get my PIN? To use the online filing and payment services for business taxes, you must enter your digit Federal or New Jersey Taxpayer Identification Number and either the first four characters letters or numbers of your registered business name or the 4-digit Personal Identification Number PIN assigned to the business. However, if you login using the business name, you will not be able to view any returns or payments previously submitted or to select the Electronic Funds Transfer EFT payment option.

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    A PIN is required for full access to all options. If you need to obtain your PIN, you can submit a request to have it sent to you by e-mail. Request PIN. What is the Sales Tax rate on a motor vehicle? As of January 1, , the rate is 6. The rate in was 6. Why did I receive this notice? I already gave the information to the Motor Vehicle Commission. By law, the Director of the NJ Division of Taxation must certify that the correct amount of Sales Tax has been paid on the actual purchase price of the vehicle.

    Do I have to complete the Affidavit at the bottom of the Questionnaire? The fax number is What will happen if I do not respond to a notice?

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    Why did I receive a second notice? A second notice is sent when no response is received from the first notice. If you have received a second notice for the same transaction, and you previously sent in correspondence, contact the Division of Taxation Casual Sales Unit by email at taxation.

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    • How do I check the status of the paperwork I mailed in response to the notice? No confidential information, such as Social Security or Federal Tax Identification numbers, dates of birth, or bank account numbers should be included in your email. Do not attach documents that include confidential information to emails. Will I be notified that the documents I mailed were sufficient and no further Sales Tax is due? If we determine additional documentation is necessary to complete a review of your account, we will mail you a follow-up notice.

      If the documentation is complete a closed inquiry letter may be issued upon request. My vehicle was a gift. What do I need to do? There is no Sales Tax due. However, you may have an Income Tax liability from receiving the gift. If the vehicle given as a gift was transferred with a lien: If you were a co-owner on the original title, there is no Sales Tax due. Check the appropriate box on the Questionnaire and submit a copy of the original title.

      If you were not a co-owner on the original title, Sales Tax is due on the principal loan amount assumed. You must pay 6. If you have questions pertaining to federal gift tax , contact the IRS at I did not report the correct purchase price when I registered a vehicle; but, I paid less than the National Automobile Dealers Association N. Your information will be reviewed, and, if we determine additional tax is due, the Casual Sales Unit will mail you a Notice of Adjustment.

      I paid cash for a vehicle and do not have a receipt. How can I prove the purchase price? You may attach a copy of your bank statement that shows the cash withdrawal. However, without proper proof of the vehicle purchase price, you may be assessed Sales Tax based on the National Automobile Dealers Association N.

      I cannot locate the seller to have him or her fill out the Seller's Affidavit. You should enclose a copy of the cash receipt, canceled check, or money order. Your information will be reviewed. However, if you cannot provide acceptable proof of the vehicle purchase price, you may be assessed Sales Tax based on the National Automobile Dealers Association N.

      I am a sole proprietor, and I transferred a vehicle from my name to my business name. Is Sales Tax due on that transfer? As a sole proprietor you would not have to pay any additional tax on that transfer. Complete the Questionnaire and Affidavit along with attaching any supporting documentation of the transfer.

      A vehicle was purchased from a leasing company at the end of the lease period. What documents should I submit? You should submit a copy of the lease purchase agreement that indicates the buyout figure and the amount of tax paid by the lessee. I transferred a vehicle from my corporation to myself. Is this taxable? Yes, if there was any payment, barter, exchange, or service for a vehicle. This type of transaction does not qualify as a gift, and you must pay Sales Tax on the fair market value of the vehicle.

      If there was a lien on the vehicle, then Sales Tax is due on the loan amount assumed. No tax is due if the corporation was dissolved before the transfer and the vehicle was transferred to a stockholder as a liquidating dividend. If that is the case, submit a copy of the tax clearance certificate. How can I obtain proof of Sales Tax paid to the dealer when the vehicle was purchased? You can find this information on the documents you received from the dealer when you purchased the vehicle.

      You can request Form DOA by calling For questions about whether a specific purchase of an aircraft is taxable, you may contact the Casual Sales Unit at The purchase of an airplane may be subject to tax under N. The Sales and Use Tax Act defines a casual sale as one which is " Examples of prior use of an aircraft by the previous owner that would cause the transaction to be taxable: Held for resale by a dealer; Held for rental, lease or charter; Used for flight instruction.

      I am not a resident of New Jersey and want to store my airplane in New Jersey.

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