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And last week, a story in the Huffington Post cited the Nevada project as an example of how Trump has nickel-and-dimed local governments. And Trump International is not alone. So it could hit the county harder this year, as it will lock tax increases at 0.

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At a time when I think most people in the community believe the education system is not appropriately funded, it would be nice to have that revenue back. In , the state tax board granted a number of buildings on and off the Strip reductions on the property values determined by the county assessor, ranging from 22 to 92 percent breaks. These reductions, which apply to both real property value and personal property like furniture, continued in other years and often left a legacy of taxes capped indefinitely at the low values.

Source: Department of Taxation depending on the building type, reductions were made after considering obsolescence, market factors and how large properties are bought and sold. Property owners are worried about long-term taxes if the cap changes. With the strain that the tax cap has placed on the county, legislators are likely to make reforms to it during the next session in The acquisition, improvement or use of land by the public as an airport is a municipal purpose, whether or not the airport is owned or operated by a local government.

The real property and improvements of a privately owned airport which are used by the public without charge, including areas used for taking off, landing and taxiing but excluding areas from which income is derived, are exempt from taxation.