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Turn around times are typically same day to next day. All felonies and serious misdemeanors that are punishable by over 93 days are required to be reported to the state repository by law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and courts in all 83 Michigan counties.

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Also not included are federal records, tribal records, traffic records, juvenile records, local misdemeanors, and criminal history from other states. Arrest:Employers are prohibited from requesting, making or maintaining records regarding a misdemeanor arrest, detention,or disposition that did not result in a conviction. Employers may inquire about felony charges including those that have not resulted in a conviction or dismissal. If your fingerprints show that the criminal record does not belong to you, the MSP will send you a clearance letter.

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They will also mark your record with a note that the convictions do not belong to you. Be sure to keep a copy of your clearance letter. You may need to show this letter to potential employers, landlords, etc.

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Because of the way the MSP computer system currently works, the convictions will still be listed under your name even after you have proven that they do not belong to you. This letter will be your proof that those convictions do not belong to you. If you are the victim of identity theft and you have completed the record challenge process, your information will be suppressed on the identity thief's record and you will receive a clearance letter.

If the type or date of the conviction is wrong, or the record shows a conviction that should have been removed, get certified copies of the court documents or any other documents that show that the information contained on the criminal record is incorrect. If the proof provided is satisfactory, the MSP will make the corrections. OTIS only contains information about prisoners, parolees and probationers who have been sentenced to prison or probation.

Therefore, if someone is convicted and sentenced under your name, you will appear in OTIS as the person who committed the crimes. The process for changing the judgment of sentence may be different from court to court. In other counties you may need to file a motion asking the judge to change the name on the judgment of sentence.

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  • Send your letter, along with the certified copy of the corrected judgment, to: John Fromson Field Operations Department of Corrections P. The FBI keeps a list of all of your arrests and convictions in the United States no matter what state they were in. You can call the FBI at for specific questions about getting your record, but they will not send your record without a written request. All of the information in your FBI record was provided by other local, state, and federal agencies.

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    Therefore, in order to correct information on your FBI record, you must contact the agency that originally gave the information to the FBI. A significant number of private companies now provide criminal background checks for a fee.

    Many of these sources are available on the Internet. Handgun sales require a purchase permit, which requires a background check to obtain. Criminal Laws and Statistics in Michigan. The number of murders and non-negligent manslaughters spiked in at , then fell to in In the midst of these bracing statistics, the city of Flint has seen crime drop about 15 percent from to This is attributed to a new attitude toward policing in the city, including holding police officers more accountable for their work and installing a new police chief who saturates high-crime areas with officers despite having a skeleton crew.

    In an interview, the new police chief said his officers have seized many illegal guns and stopped some drug trafficking by targeting known areas. If a person is caught with a smaller amount of drugs but also has a gun in his possession, the charge is unlikely to be lower than a felony, which carries a sentence of a year or more in prison and all of the long-term consequences of any felony, including loss of the right to vote while incarcerated , loss of the right to own a gun, loss of eligibility for subsidized housing, and loss of eligibility to join the armed services.

    In addition, your criminal record will be seen by future employers, those who evaluate candidates for immigration or adoption, and those who loan money for mortgages and auto loans. Driving Records. Your driving record will also be scrunitized by some future employers, auto insurance companies, and those who supervise volunteers at schools, hospitals, and other facilities.

    This record includes information on all of your driving-related legal issues from accidents to license suspensions to DUIs and traffic tickets from Michigan and other states. Get a copy. Financial and Civil Reports. Mortgage lenders, landlords, and employers in the educational, prison, and financial industries are all likely to examine your financial background records before making a decision on your application.

    Records of financial health are kept by Consumer Reporting Agencies, which provide information on your history of loan repayment, employment, civil judgements, credit, residency, bankruptcies, and auto repossessions. These records are also an invaluable way to determine if your identity is being used by a fraud to get loans or credit cards in your name. Review a copy of your record by contacting the agencies. Sophie is a passionate blogger. Being in love with writing her whole life, she started her Free Background Checks blog as a way to shed light and give knowledge on many major social issues and make a difference with her word.

    The blog was born out of a pure desire to share and connect. Table of Contents 1 Michigan Background Check 1. Are Public Criminal Records included in background check? Which Court Records are Public in Michigan? What arrest records would show in background report 5. What if information is incorrect on a Michigan background check? West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming.

    The unemployment rate is at its lowest point in a generation at around 3.

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