Georgia drunk driving law and penalty

The 30-Day DUI Rule


The look back period in Georgia for repeat DUI offenders is 10 years on the criminal side, 5 years on the administrative side. But there again, if you think that means the first DUI in Georgia does not matter, think again.

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Prosecutors do not like repeat offenders, even if outside the technical look back period. A good DUI lawyer, however, can advise on how to minimize the impact. DUI Law in Georgia allows the prosecutor and judge to use tremendous discretion in sentencing.

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A first DUI in Georgia is a truly serious offense. In this situation, searching for a well-experienced and knowledgeable DUI attorney would be the only good choice you can make. If you are arrested for DUI and the officer gave you a Form , this The answer might not be as simple as you think.

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Categories DUI. If it is your second offense, your license is suspected until you are years old.

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Most of these charges come with additional punishments. For all of them, you serve a probationary period and are usually required to take a hour DUI course or attend substance abuse treatment. These costs must come from your own pocket and are not included in the estimated fees listed above.

Georgia operates under an implied consent law, which means if you are lawfully arrested under suspension of a DUI, you've already consented to a breathalyzer test. The state of Georgia has two breathalyzer tests. The first is usually administered with a portable device and gives out inaccurate readings.

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However, the results of this test cannot be used against you in court. Often, the officer won't even offer it. You can refuse the road-side test without facing any penalties. Often, when an arrest occurs there are many factors which can be analyzed in your favor in terms of whether or not your rights as a citizen have been upheld.