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He says these trips were family oriented. Another time, he and his nephew flew down to watch a space launch with another Epstein connection, a top NASA official. He and his wife, Carolyn Cohen, once stayed with Epstein on his island in the Caribbean, where they were joined by another Harvard professor and his family. When Epstein first started to attract media attention in the early aughts, mainly because of his friendship with former president Bill Clinton, Dershowitz served as a character witness for the reclusive financier.

He told Vanity Fair that he shared manuscripts of his books with Epstein before they were published and swore that his money was irrelevant. But Dershowitz says their interactions changed in , when Epstein faced a local police investigation into his relations with underage girls in Palm Beach and he hired Dershowitz as a lawyer. He recognizes that the MeToo movement has surfaced countless accounts of preposterous-sounding sexual misbehavior by powerful men and almost all of them have turned out to be true.

But Dershowitz swears he is different. Today, Dershowitz claims he and Epstein were never really even friends, despite their proximity. He is concerned with this basic question: Is it true that the brain is not a computer? He is very quick. Ex-wife of the late Walid Juffali, billionaire chairman of the largest privately owned enterprise in Saudi Arabia.

In , Gell-Mann won the Nobel Prize. He has also done pro bono speechwriting for Benjamin Netanyahu and now works for SoftBank, a Japanese investment company with close ties to the Saudi government. Morgan variety. At the very least, it seems Cayne and Epstein were both capable of, ah, massaging the truth. The move fell apart after the Lockerbie bombing, and when Towers Financial later went belly-up, Hoffenberg says, the two of them engineered a Ponzi scheme to fill the hole.

He could move money in different areas to get the stock prices to go up and down. He eventually dropped the suit. Last year, two victims brought a suit against Epstein making the same claims as Hoffenberg but voluntarily dismissed the suit two months later. The onetime journalist is now an emeritus figure in the TED universe thanks to his role at the Aspen Institute and his widely worshipped biography of Steve Jobs. The director of the documentaries Capturing the Friedmans, about an accused pedophile, and The Jinx, which profiled Robert Durst, the madman at the center of another New York fortune.

Four women — Sarah Kellen, Nadia Marcinkova, Adriana Ross, and Lesley Groff — were identified in the Florida case against Epstein as possible co-conspirators, though none was charged. History is full of the self-serving enabling of men by women, ending with the Trump court but not starting there.

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Was it money? When Groff had a baby, Epstein gave her a Mercedes and paid for a full-time nanny. Kellen who has since married a NASCAR driver was a scheduler, making sure that Epstein always had a slate full of girls, and it was she who sometimes walked the girls up the stairs in the Florida mansion and laid the oils out on the massage table.

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Groff booked travel, and Ross also helped with the calendar. Since then, none of them have been reached for comment. Widow of Robert Kennedy. Epstein had his home number. In , Khashoggi was arrested in Switzerland for concealing assets and later faced fraud and racketeering charges in the U. He was later acquitted. That year, he sold his foot yacht to the Sultan of Brunei, who soon flipped it to Donald Trump. Just two months ago, I was talking to him about a new alternative to evolutionary psychology. He got excited and sent me a check. Epstein was a major donor to his program at Arizona State University, and Krauss teamed with the financier to host a conference of Nobel laureates in the U.

Virgin Islands in So as a scientist, my presumption is that whatever the problems were I would believe him over other people. I feel raised by it. Co-founder of Nickelodeon and, with her husband, Kit, and pal Oprah, the Oxygen network. The caricature playboy heartthrob at the front of Duran Duran. Records founder Irv Gotti. For years, though not lately, Maxwell was a constant on the New York social scene in its most Upper East iteration. She was a friend of everyone, if an intimate of few.

Maxwell seemed to know many rich and powerful men — articles mention her dining with Bill Clinton, photos show her partying with Elon Musk and deep in conversation with Stephen Schwarzman — but her most durable connection has been with Epstein. Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who claims Maxwell recruited her on behalf of Epstein when Giuffre was a year-old spa attendant at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, where Epstein has a home, said much of her grooming came from Maxwell.

She was said to be wickedly funny and unusually knowledgeable, glamorous, and, on top of that, British. She had explored the seas and could pilot a helicopter, or maybe a submarine, one acquaintance thought — a MacGyver of the gala circuit.

Who Was Jeffrey Epstein Calling?

English-born and poshly educated, she was the favorite daughter of Robert Maxwell, the English media mogul, whose holdings included newspapers, notably the tabloid Daily Mirror in London, and the Macmillan publishing house in the U. He was last seen on the deck of his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine.

Soon after, he was discovered to have plundered the pension funds of the Mirror to shore up his floundering empire. The meet-cute of Epstein and Maxwell in New York is unclear, and neither has historically gone into any great detail. By , they were already linked, showing up at a Mar-a-Lago party with each other in Palm Beach, where Trump and Epstein ogled women together in front of NBC cameras. Suffice it to say they were romantically linked and then platonically linked.

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For a woman seen everywhere about town, she is curiously silent in the press, except where ocean conservation is concerned. In , she hosted a cocktail party for the board of the nonprofit Oceana at her townhouse on East 65th Street. And by , she had launched the TerraMar Project, a conservation nonprofit of her own, of which, according to tax filings, she was president but from which she drew no salary. She gave a ted Talk about its work and talked it up at the U.

From the New York social world, she has vanished. The party photos dried up in Where is she now? One social-watcher guessed the islands; others think Europe. She incorporated a company — Ellmax, a play on her name — in the U.


An executive there declined to provide any forwarding information. The former senator was appointed the U. Murdoch has two numbers — one New York, one California — listed in the address book. The chief executive, secretary and treasurer, principal accounting officer, and principal financial officer of an insecticide-research company, Pagano even visited Epstein in jail. Despite what various friends and colleagues all said about what a genius he was, I found him tedious and distasteful.

Even before I knew about the criminality, I found it irritating to talk to him, all the more so because the reason he was in the conversation was because he had given money to these various projects. Forget for a moment the mural featuring Epstein in the middle of a prison yard complete with guards and barbed wire. His clientele included princes, moguls, and wannabe princes, as captains of industry so frequently are, and Epstein clearly aspired to that provenance and history.

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  7. Former business partner of Marc Rich who was famously indicted for tax evasion and trading with Iran, before being even more famously pardoned by President Clinton , with whom he paired on deals in the Soviet Union before the fall of communism. Known to dine with Epstein in the early aughts. Another Epstein dinner partner. Written call logs from and show Epstein and his own assistant calling dozens of times, making plans for lunch and tea in Manhattan or to try to meet up in Paris. Two former staffers remember another Epstein referral, a young woman not mentioned in the logs, who interned at the show.

    19 alleged gang members charged

    When I called one of these women recently, she was stunned to learn she was one of many women Epstein recommended for the job. It helped her understand not only how her boss Rose — whom in she would accuse, along with 34 other adult women, of sexual harassment — had treated her, but also how the rest of the staff had seen her.

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    And it helped her understand a grim version of networking among powerful men. Visited Epstein in prison in One of many politicians to receive donations from Epstein over the years. In recent weeks, politicians including Schumer decided to donate an equal amount to charity. Two California numbers are listed in the address book.

    Everyone needs to feel that they belong. Publicity-party invites are an amoral game, driven by status and FOMO. The singer-songwriter was charged with possession of a controlled substance after officers found him with 2. The actress was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of a controlled substance in the Santa Barbara area, California, in September Bieber was charged with drunken driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license after Miami Beach Police found the pop star street racing in January The American actor-musician was arrested in Oklahoma for possession of marijuana and two controlled dangerous substances Xanax and sleeping pills , for which he did not have a prescription, in September The British actor was arrested for misconduct with a prostitute in a public place in Los Angeles in June The American actor-rapper was arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife in April in South Florida.

    The actress was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Los Angeles in April The actress was arrested for domestic violence in an incident involving her ex-husband Chuck Finley in April He was earlier held in in New York City for allegedly violating a protection order against him.

    sophia arrested for racketeering columbus ohio Sophia arrested for racketeering columbus ohio
    sophia arrested for racketeering columbus ohio Sophia arrested for racketeering columbus ohio
    sophia arrested for racketeering columbus ohio Sophia arrested for racketeering columbus ohio
    sophia arrested for racketeering columbus ohio Sophia arrested for racketeering columbus ohio
    sophia arrested for racketeering columbus ohio Sophia arrested for racketeering columbus ohio

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