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In the case of receipt of letter mail bags, the Postmaster gets the bags opened and scrutinized under the supervision of the Customs with a view to identify all packets containing dutiable articles. Such packets are to be detained and are presented in due course to the Customs Appraiser with letter mail bill and assessment memos for assessment.

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As soon as packets so detained are ready for examination and assessment, they shall be submitted together with the relative letter mail bill and assessment memos to the Customs. After examining them and filling the details of contents of value in the bill, the Customs Appraiser will note the rate and amount of duty against each item.

He will likewise fill in these details on the assessment memos to be forwarded alongwith each packet. All parcels or packets required to be opened for Customs examination are opened, and after examination, re-closed by the Post Office officials and are then sealed by them with a distinctive seal. The parcels or packets remain throughout in the custody of the Post Office officials. The duties as assessed by the Customs Appraiser and noted in the parcel bill or letter mail bill shall be recovered by the Post Office from the addressees at the time of delivery to them. The credit for the total amount of duty certified by the Customs Appraiser at the end of each bill are given by the Post Office to the Customs Department in accordance with the procedure settled between the two Departments.

The parcel bills or letter mail bills and other documents on which assessment is made remain in the custody of the Post Office, but the duplicates, where these are prepared, are kept in the Customs Department for dealing with claims for refunds, etc. The rate of duty and tariff value, if any, applicable to any goods exported by post shall be the rate and valuation in force on the date on which the exporter delivers such goods to the Postal Authorities. The articles exported by post are required to be covered by a declaration in the prescribed form.

All exports by post, where the value exceeds Rs. When the postal article is covered by a certificate issued by the RBI with or without limit or by an authorised dealer in foreign exchange that the export does not involve any transaction in foreign exchange upto Rs. Export by post of Indian and Foreign currency, bank drafts, cheques, National Saving Certificates and such other negotiable instruments is not allowed unless accompanied by a valid permit issued by the R.

Export of all goods is allowed under OGL to all destinations except those that are covered by the Negative List of exports. Goods upto the values of Rs. Items covered under Negative List are not allowed as gifts without a license except in the case of edible items. CBP uses a three-tiered strategy to efficiently search each of these packages; intelligence gathering, nonintrusive inspection, and hand inspection.

We followed two units searching for drugs and counterfeit items.

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Before a package ever lands in the US, CBP gathers intelligence on the sender, the container, and the aircraft. This is how CBP narrows down a million packages to ones that will get flagged for further inspection. Once a suspicious package is pulled, it goes to the CBP inspection area. This is where human CBP officers get a little help.

Here, a four-legged officer, like Alex, will search hundreds of packages in minute runs. These dogs are trained to sniff out seven different drugs.

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Michael Lake: The drugs that they are trained for are hash, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, ecstasy, as well as fentanyl. Narrator: If Alex finds something, he'll notify his handler by sitting or lying down. If he's right, he gets his chew toy. Lake: This is the game that they work for. All right, it's good play. Here's a good boy, good boy.