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Predictors of Survival From Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

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Share or comment on this article: Police arrest Ernest 'Dollar Bill' Moore who committed 'pure torture' on person e-mail Comments 27 Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Today's headlines Most Read Flood chaos across UK as torrential rain leaves drivers stranded in the cars, rail lines blocked and people IT worker, 39, is left paralysed from the neck down after eating undercooked chicken in a London restaurant Peter Kay, 46, falls victim to a cruel death hoax for the third time as Twitter users continue to falsely Oxford University launches urgent investigation after porter 'asked a black graduate if he used to rob the Sacked executives who shared 'sexist' posts about female colleagues in 'pornographic' WhatsApp group lose He walked into the consulate A new book reveals chilling details about how Facebook admits it cannot keep track of all political ads on its platform as it emerges posts have targeted Labour election candidate accused of calling Jewish councillor 'Shylock' quits as party veteran Margaret Labour promises to increase statutory maternity pay to a full year, let employees set their own flexible Labour election candidate Kate Ramsden quits amid row over blog comments comparing actions of Israel to Cara Delevingne and girlfriend Ashley Benson 'up security at their LA mansion after male stalker is caught Couple expecting their third daughter discover they were actually having a BOY just hours before he was born There was no reported eye injury.

The helicopter broke off from its mission to pursue the laser perpetrator. Twice during the chase Alvarez stopped to drop off passengers. The car eventually crashed into a median. Alvarez got out and ran towards neighboring homes. He was apprehended by officers in the backyard of a home after a short foot pursuit.


Alvarez had minor injuries from the crash and was taken to a hospital for treatment. At the hospital, a baggie was found with substances suspected to be marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine. After an FBI investigation, Alvarez was charged with violating federal law by knowingly aiming the beam of a laser pointer at an aircraft or its flight path. From a report by Cyrus Farivar of Ars Technica. The criminal complaint filed in the U.

District Court for the Eastern District of California is here. Australia: Sydney teen arrested for aiming a laser at a police helicopter 11 Nov An unnamed year-old boy was arrested November 9 in western Sydney, for aiming a laser pen at a New South Wales Police helicopter. The aircraft was on patrol when the incident occurred.

The teen was found hiding in a backyard. He will be subject to the Young Offenders Act. A year-old man from Coalville, Utah, was indicted on November 2 for aiming a laser two times at an AirMed helicopter. The first laser strike occurred about 3 a. On the return flight, the pilot was illuminated again, from the same location. In March Kane pleaded guilty in exchange for prosecutors seeking a six month prison term.

District Judge Dale Kimball may have decided on probation after hearing that Kane had come to realize that what he did was dangerous, had cooperated with investigators, had a child, and had stopped using marijuana. US: California man aims purple laser at sheriff's helicopter 13 Oct A San Bernardino Calif.

The crew was able to direct ground officers to a residence. There they identified Christopher Wayne Flora, 35, as the suspect and arrested him. He was charged with suspicion of discharging a laser at an operations control center aircraft, which is a felony. Northern Ireland: Teen arrested or aiming laser at police helicopter in Belfast 07 Oct A teenager was arrested on October 5 for aiming a laser at a Police Service of Northern Ireland helicopter. The aircraft was monitoring crowds attending a football match in Belfast. The unnamed year-old was charged with endangering the safety of an aircraft and shining a light to dazzle or distract a pilot.

A California Highway Patrol helicopter was illuminated multiple times on September 20 , allegedly by an unnamed year-old woman.

The helicopter was searching for a violent robbery suspect. The crew was forced to stop the search in order to identify the source of the laser. US: Virginia man arrested for aiming blue laser at police helicopter 27 Sep A year-old man from Centreville Va. Trial of a Cayman man, charged with multiple counts of aiming a red laser beam at a police helicopter, began September 13 The incident took place on April 29 Officers on the ground had seen a red laser beam that appeared to be attached to a firearm.

The helicopter was sent to investigate. A detective in the helicopter testified that he saw a bright red light which was pointed at the aircraft numerous times. He radioed a description of the suspect to ground officers. Based on his appearance, officers approached Javonnie Silburn, then approximately 19 years old. They asked if he had a laser; Silburn said yes and showed them a device that had both an LED light and a red laser beam. He was arrested on a charge of endangering an aircraft.

Later Silburn told police that he did not do it, that it was another man. Prior to the trial, Silburn attempted to plead guilty to shining the laser at the helicopter one time. But the Crown did not accept the plea due to the multiple times the laser was directed at the aircraft. The endangerment charge was apparently dropped. Silburn, now 21, is being tried on a charge of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior within the sight or hearing of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress. Under cross-examination on the first day of the trial, the detective admitted he could not say definitely that Silburn was the person with the laser, only that he identified a man with an Afro hairstyle and short pants.

According to the Cayman Compas s, there was a separate laser incident in November involving police aircraft. From stories in the Cayman Compass by Carol Winker. August 31 story about trial being set, Sept. US: North Carolina teen arrested for aiming laser at police helicopter 10 Aug The crew spotted a person standing outside a vehicle, holding a laser.

They notified ground officers who located the vehicle, found a laser inside, and arrested year-old Abrahan Saloman Nass Romero, aka Abrahan Nasser. The officers also found marijuana in the vehicle. Abrahan Saloman Nass Romero Romero was charged with pointing a laser at an aircraft — a felony — and with possession of marijuana up to one-half ounce. Northern Ireland: Man arrested for aiming at police helicopter 19 Jul An unnamed man in his 30s was arrested for aiming a laser pen at a Police Service of Northern Ireland in mid-July The helicopter was helping the Coastguard trying to locate a lost person, when the laser illumination occurred.

The man was arrested for endangering an aircraft and was released on bail. US: Georgia man arrested for aiming at police helicopter 19 Jul A year-old Georgia man was arrested for aiming a laser at a Gwinnett County police helicopter. On July 5 , the helicopter pilots saw green laser light in the cockpit. They were able to trace it to a location in Johns Creek where ground officers arrested Marius Lizunas. Lizunas was charged with aiming a laser pointer at an aircraft. Marius Lizunas From U.

Canada: Edmonton woman charged with aiming laser at police helicopter 12 Jul Sarah Schenker, 28, was said to have repeatedly aimed a laser pointer at an Edmonton Police Service air crew, early on the morning of July 11 She was arrested and charged with endangering the safety of an aircraft in flight. A police spokesperson said their helicopters experience about six laser pointer incidents each year. US: Oklahoma City teenager arrested for aiming laser at police helicopter 28 Jun A year-old Oklahoma City teen was arrested June 19 for aiming a green laser beam multiple times at an Oklahoma City Police Department helicopter.

The aircraft was on patrol when it was illuminated around pm. The beam was traced to a house. Ground officers arrested Darren Williams.

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On May 17 , a year-old man pleaded guilty to aiming a laser pointer multiple times at a police helicopter. The helicopter was searching for a missing woman on September 5 Gary Cameron believed the police were spying on him when he repeatedly shone the Class 2 less than one milliwatt at the helicopter — even as ground officers were interviewing him, prior to arrest.

According to his defense lawyer, Cameron had psychological problems for which he was seeking treatment. He pleaded guilty to culpable and reckless conduct. US: Maryland man hits police helicopter eight times; crew goes to hospital 17 Jan Connor Grant Brown, 30, was arrested for aiming a green laser pointer about eight times at a Maryland State Police helicopter on January 16 The crew abandoned their mission looking for a man running barefoot in cold temperatures , and landed.

Two of the four persons on board — the pilot and the crew chief — went to Frederick Memorial Hospital for treatment. They were later released but will have to return for follow-up testing. The two men went back to work the following day. Connor Grant Brown Brown faces state charges of reckless endangerment, obstructing and hindering, and shining a laser pointer at an aircraft.

New Zealand: Man disappears before sentencing on charge of aiming a laser at aircraft 01 Dec In one case, a Virgin Airlines aircraft with passengers was illuminated for about 20 seconds while at 20, feet altitude, then was illuminated an additional three times while on final landing approach.

The pilots were dazzled but did not report more serious eye effects. He also aimed at the airport control tower.

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Hemopo admitted aiming at the aircraft, but not at the cockpit. He further said he was unaware the laser light could be dangerous. On September 28 , Hemopo failed to appear for sentencing. The judge issued an arrest warrant for Hemopo. On December 1 , Hemopo was sentenced to 10 weeks in jail. From Stuff. US: Wash state man aims laser at helicopter then at arresting officers 20 Sep When deputies arrived, they told Brandon J.

Neeser to show his hands. Neeser pointed the laser device at the deputies. They saw it was not connected to a gun so they did not take defensive action. Neeser faces two felony counts of unlawful discharge of a laser. US: After lie detector test, another Texas man pleads guilty to aiming laser at a helicopter 14 Sep On September 13 , Christopher B.

Evans pleaded guilty to aiming a laser pointer at a flying aircraft. Evans, 25, of San Antonio, Texas, worked as a security guard in a medical clinic. Workers at the clinic told FBI agents that Evans had laser pointers of different colors and sometimes aimed them at employees.

Arrest in kentucky london moore patience police
Arrest in kentucky london moore patience police
Arrest in kentucky london moore patience police
Arrest in kentucky london moore patience police
Arrest in kentucky london moore patience police

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