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It is generally understood in this vicinity that Mrs. Perkins, the mother of the two brothers who were killed and of the third boy who shot Chief Heatherly yesterday, had carried a pistol herself since the shooting March 2.

True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers

She is said to have declared that she was on the lookout for the officer's and would shoot them if she saw them. Chief Heatherly had been warned of possible death If he returned to Jellico and Everett Perkins is said to have made threats against Heatherly but on account of his youth Chief Heatherly did not take the matter seriously.

Clinton the Rapist

The first public appearance here of Chief Heatherly after his return from Knoxville was at the revival at the Baptist church, of which he is a member, conducted by Rev. Brown of Knoxville. The wounded chief has a wife and three children. John Huckaby, 25 years old, wife of miner, was shot twice in the back at 9 o'clock Friday night when in the yard of her mother, Mrs.

Petree, in Carrollville, a mile from here, and killed almost instantly. A posse led by Chief of Police J. McGhee is searching in the nearby mountains for John Huckaby, 30 years old, accused in connection with the murder. Huckaby and her husband had been separated for a few months after having been married for less than two years. Huckaby had been away for some time, but Friday evening he appeared unexpectedly, and according to Mrs.

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Huckaby, told her that he was going to kill her. The thoroughly frightened woman, accompanied by her mother, walked to Jellico and notified officers of the threat, it is said she asked protection. Her fears were allayed in part and she consented to return home. The two women were entering the yard when two shots were fired behind a clump of shrubbery, each shot striking Mrs.

11-year-old arrested for his pregnant soon-to-be stepmother's murder: 20/20 Oct 19 Pt 1

Huckaby in the back, death being practically instantaneous. In the confusion her slayer made his escape. When the news of the crime reached Chief McGhee he started in search of Huckaby, taking with him Policeman Davis and Slavey, and possemen.


Up to a late hour Friday night nothing had been heard from the man hunters. Jellico, Tenn. Oscar Hicks, 35 years old, miner, sought in connection with the killing, surrendered at 10 o'clock tonight after a posse had pursued him and his 15 year old son into the recesses of Indian Mountain. While the posse men were continuing the search, Hicks and his son came into Jellico and gave himself up and was taken to jail at Jacksboro. He refused to make a statement in regard to the killing.

The home of Davis and Hicks were on the same street, almost a yards apart.

List of unidentified murder victims in the United States - Wikipedia

Hicks, standing in his doorway, called Davis to the door of the Davis home, and after a few words, shot him down, according to the officers, the victim dying almost instantly. A 4 year old son who came to the door with Davis was hit by three shots, but is expected to recover. The trouble which resulted in the killing had its origin in a quarrel yesterday afternoon over a dog between the sons of Davis and Hicks, the Hicks boy getting the worst of the argument.

When Hicks returned from work in the afternoon, he is said to have gotten a shotgun. Following the shooting, Hicks and his son fled to Iron Mountains, pursued soon afterward by a posse led by Chief of Police J. McGhee of Jellico, whose assistance had been sought by the Jellico police. Almost 15 men were in the posse, which was reported to be hopeful of catching Hicks by surrounding the moutain and closing in.

Succeeds George W. At a meeting of the new city council last week, Joe Gaylor was elected city marshal and J. Rogers, assistant, only the two being balloted on. Gaylor succeeds Chief George W. Heatherly, who was almost killed when in a fight with rum runners, and who as he was recuperating after a long stay in a Knoxville hospital was wounded, all but fatally, by Albert Perkins, brother of two rum runners slain during the fight in which Heatherly was wounded the first time, after being sentenced to spend five years in a state reformatory on account of his youth, made his escape from the Jacksboro jail recently and is still a fugitive.

Hargis, superintendent of waterworks; R. Tramell, recorder and treasurer; C. Templeton; city attorney, Dr. Thomas Jennings, health officer; Joe Gaylor, city marshal; J. Rogers, deputy marshal. Marlow was killed last Monday.

List of unidentified murder victims in the United States

Search was being made for Mack Shipwash Harley Marlow was shot in the back of the neck. The largest crowd which ever attended a funeral in Clinton gathered here Saturday morning to pay a last tribute to the memory of Sheriff Cleve Daugherty, slain by a rum runner when seeking to make an arrest in Piney Valley.

Previous to funeral services, the body of the slain sheriff lay in the front room of the family home at at the county jail, where hundreds of friends passed by the bier to take a last look at the still face of the officer who gave his life in an effort to protect the law abiding citizens of the county from lawlessness. It was nearly 30 minutes after the hour set for the services at the First Baptist Church that the procession began to move from the county jail to the church, three blocks distant.

For nearly an hour before the time for the funeral, traffic officers kept the block in front of the church clear of heavy traffic. Legionaries Precede Cortege A company of American Legionaires preceded the funeral party to the church, which was filled to capacity an hour before the time set for the services. The hearse was followed by cars carrying members of the immediate family and friends, while hundreds walked the short distance to the church.

The side walks were lined for two blocks as the procession preceded slowly along. Hundreds were unable to get inside the church, and stood around the doors and out in the street; yards and porches were filled by other hundreds who could catch from time to time a few words of the services. Preceding the scripture reading, a quartet composed of Mrs.

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  4. Wilson, Mrs. Miller, Paul Burkett and T. Reba Gentry at the piano. The scripture lesson was read by Rev. Wilson,pastor of Brown's Chapel, who led in prayer, as the audience fanned in the church to relieve the exessive heat. Standing in front of the casket, which was banked high with floral rememberances, Rev. Smith, pastor of the church, spoke for 30 minutes, while the audience gave the closest of attention.

    Thousand Pass Casket Following the sermon, the casket lid was removed again and 1, or more persons passed by. Services at the cemtery were in charge of the Masonic Lodge, of which Sheriff Daugherty was a member. Active pallbearers were: George R. Rector, H. Cooper, K. Hollingworth, Joe Wilson, W. Hutchinson and Clifford Seeber. Honorary pallbearers: Congressman J. M Morrison, Judge H.

    8th clinton indiana murder arrest john 8th clinton indiana murder arrest john
    8th clinton indiana murder arrest john 8th clinton indiana murder arrest john
    8th clinton indiana murder arrest john 8th clinton indiana murder arrest john
    8th clinton indiana murder arrest john 8th clinton indiana murder arrest john
    8th clinton indiana murder arrest john 8th clinton indiana murder arrest john

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